Square footage, style, the complexity of the design, and a number of glass elements are the key components affecting the cost of a custom stained glass window.


We create all our windows and other glass art in the United States, but we can ship it almost anywhere.


Typically our windows and custom Tiffany lamps are ready within 4-8 weeks or less depending on project size.


Mosaics and fused glass pieces are usually ready within days.


You can contact us with sizes and tell us the style of an artwork you prefer. We can then create a rough design of a project and provide you with an estimated cost.



At Kay's Stained Glass Studio we can carefully restore your windows to the beauty of when they were first installed. If your windows are cracking, sagging, bulging or simply need a good wash, we can do it all either on client's site or in our studio.


Our services:


  • Glass matching with replacement
  • Re-leading
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Frame restoration and/or replacement
  • Window transfer to new location
  • Sash repair and more


If you are interested in any of the above services, please fill up the form on our contact page to discuss your glass project in details. 


Tiffany style lamp repair

Repair on client's site

Window before and after



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